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Tabernacle: Pendant | Jewellery | , Hartbeespoort | Menorah Design Jewellery | , Hartbeespoort
Menorah Design Jewellery Linti Vincer (083) 2578246

Jewellery inspired by God

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The Tabernacle was ro provide a place where God might dwell among His people. Ex 26:1, Heb 9:1, Heb 8:5. Rev 21:3 meet God through prayers.

Enter through the door of the tabernacle. Joh 10:7, Joh 14:6, JESUS is the Way, the truth and the Life. You are in the courtyard, in the Body.

Brazen altar- altar of burnt offerings-sacrifices. Ex 271-8, Ex 29:42, Heb 13:15 bring sacrifices of praise, thanksgiving.

Bronze layer- for washing yourself (with the Word). Ex 30:17, Heb 10:22, Joh 13:8, if I do not wash you, you are not part of Me.

Enter through the veil called the Truth. You are in the Tabernacle of meeting, the Holy place.

Golden lampstand with anoiting oil. Ex 25:31-40, Ex 25:6, Rev.2:5, Ex 30:22 a type of Holy spirit, Spirit Language.

Table of showbread-symbol of God as provider. Ex 25 :23-30, Rom 8:28, God's eternal purposes relating to salvation.

Alter of incense- make atonement upon it, repentance. Ex 30:1-10, Rev 5:8, Golden bowls full of incense, prayers ao the saints.

Enter through the inner veil called Life. You are in the Holy of Hollies.

Ark of the covenant with the Mercy seat. Ex 2510-22, Rom 3:25, Heb 9:5, place of atonement for sin. Because of the Blood of Jesus we are reconciliated with God. 

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